Tear Repair

A common damage to paintings on canvas is tears and punctures. Depending on the severity of the tear, different treatments are used to repair the damage. In general the tear is first re-aligned bringing the threads back in to plane with the canvas. An adhesive is then used to bond the threads together. Different types of tears may require the use of a patch or in extreme cases the canvas is relined (adhered) on to another piece of fabric for extra support. The paint loss surrounding the tear is then filled and textured to match the original surface. The missing area is retouched to match the surrounding paint using a variety of pigments and media which are stable and light fast.



Portrait of John Didsbury, unknown artist
oil on canvas
Client: Pinhey's Point Foundation, Ottawa, Ontario

Before, During, After

Portrait of a Nurse, signed
oil on canvas
client Royal Canadian Legion Branch 23, North Bay, Ontario

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